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Matrix Wonder Shampoos and Oils

After the sell out with the oil wonder shampoos and oils, matrix have brought out a blow-dry spray. Not only does this spray leave your hair feeling super silky it speeds up your blowdrying time! We absolutely LOVE this product in the salon! Shampoos £12.95 and oils £9.95

Orofluido Christmas pack 50ml – Free Mascara

Orofluido Christmas pack 50ml comes with a fantastic mascara with light and mirror for only £15.99

Keratin Flashes, Christmas is only round the corner!

Fancy a flash of colour? Our keratin single extensions will give you that funky look you want for up to 3 months! No colour fade, real human hair so you can style as usual, only £3.50 per strand.

10% off for Students and Civil Servants

The Hair Lounge is proud to announce that Students and Civil Servants can receive a 10% discount.    

Senior Citizens Discount

All senior citizens can get 10% off our styling and technical services.