Look Fabulous with our inovative range of hair extensions.

Wearing perfectly blended hair extensions is no longer exclusive to celebrities. The various attachment methods; keratin bond or a medical grade adhesive tape ensures the client’s extensions are comfortable and long lasting.

Fancy a flash of colour? Our single extensions will give you that funky look you want for up to 3 months! No colour fade and real human hair so you can style as usual.

Tape extensions
Tape extensions are the newest type of hair extension on the market. They have revolutionised the industry due to their shorter application time of just over an hour and even celebrities are now using them.

Tape extensions are 100% Remy hair and require no tools or chemicals to apply. They are thin wefts that are applied by ‘sandwiching’ the client’s hair between two tape wefts. They last 2 months before they are removed, re-taped and re-applied. The hair has longevity, and if well maintained, can last for 6-8 months. It is also available in a range of colours.

Keratin pre-bonded extensions
Fusion keratin hair extensions will give you a free fall natural effect.

Keratin is a natural protein found in your hair and nails, therefore the bonds are softer and less harmful for the hair. We only use 100% real human hair, that way your hair can be styled as usual. You will be able to straighten, curl, blow-dry, crimp and cut them.

If you would like to add length and thickness then a full head is recommended. If your hair is below the shoulder then you can go for a half head of extensions to add thickness and just slight length.

Clip in extensions
These are great for a temporary look, you can clip them in and out as you wish and they come in a variety of colours, which we stock to order with just a 2 day wait. As with the longer lasting extensions, you can curl or straighten your hair as normal.

Introducing the nanoSmooth treatment.

Rediscover your hair's true potential!

The nanoSmooth treatment is the leading smoothing product. It is revolutionary hair care management system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine. It creates fantastic smoothing treatment that will last up to 100 days. The results clients experience are truly breath-taking and life changing.

The nanoSmooth treatment unique technology where-by it breaks down keratin to micro molecules size enabling it tp penetrate into the hair shaft to create smooth, manageable hair even to those with the most unruly hair types.

The nanoSystem treatment is formulated with patented Biomimetic ingredients, keratin,Amino Acids and proteins designed to add strength, moisture and manageability.

The benefits are:

- Elimates frizz
- Repairs damaged hair
- Reduces blow drying time by up tp 80%
- Allows easier styling of hair
- Enhances and locks in colour and stops colour fading
- Increases shine and smoothness
- Lasts up to 100 days